Here are some tips to maintain your Diamond and Glamorous hair extensions. They are simple and easy!



For everyday care, we suggest using a small amount of  Argan or Moroccan oil. We find the best brands are OgX and Elasta Qp, they are amazing and smell great! Put a small about of the oil in the palm of your hands and gently apply it the hair starting at the top of the human hair extensions and making your way down to the ends. By applying a small amount of oil on the hair everyday, it provides moisture to the human hair extensions and gives the human hair extensions a nice shiny and glossy look without over saturating the hair. This process takes about 2 minutes! Easy Right?! A little of these oils go a LONG way so remember just use a little!

At night we suggest wrapping your human hair extensions which decreases the chance of tangling. We all know it’s not hot but wearing a silk bonnet or hair wrap is also a good idea because it helps keep the moisture in the human hair extensions.


We suggest washing your human hair extensions once a week or once of every other week. When washing your hair extensions we suggest using a shampoo and conditioner is sulfate-free such as (Organix). Use warm water and wash the hair extensions in a downwards motion.

 Once a month we suggest using a deep conditioner that will provide extra moisture and repair your human hair extensions especially if you use a lot hair products or hot styling tools.


You may use hot styling tools and dye your Brazilian Remy hair extension however these human hair extensions are meant for people who like to keep a constant look. If you want completely straight hair and occasionally you like to add curls, than the Brazilian Bone Straight human hair extensions from the Glamorous Collection is for you. If you like to change your look pretty often, we suggest getting the Straight Virgin hair extensions from the Diamond Collection. But that being said, feel free to straighten, dye, ombre etc., your Remy hair extensions. Remember to always use a heat protector when adding heat to your human hair extensions such as ORS Olive Oil Thermal Protection & Shine (use one that is alcohol free- alcohol tends to dry the human hair extensions). And if you aren’t sure how to dye your human hair extensions, please go to a professional hairstylist, you don’t want to damage your fabulous human hair extensions.

 Our Glamorous Collection is luxurious Brazilian Remy Hair Extensions that have been carefully steamed to make a perfect styled Bone Straight, Loose Wave or Curly human hair extensions, while keeping the cuticles intact and running in one direction.  Our straight hair in this Collection has been steamed to be bone straight, the loose wave has been steamed to make perfect luscious waves while our curly hair has been steamed to make beautiful bouncy curls.  Try our Glamorous Collection and experience the Sassy Lyfestyle of stunning and flawless luxury hair extensions 


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